Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Program

Participatory Preventive Care

This benefit program is unique because:


  • Employers Save Money while utilizing the program;
  • There is no reduction in employee’s take-home pay;
  • Increases employers’ ability to attract & retain valuable employees.
  • NO Investment from the employer.
  • NO Change or Replacing any current insurance plan.
  • Little or no restrictions to employee enrollment.

what is simerp?

SIMERP or Self-Funded Medical Expense Reimbursement Program is a tax qualified program that utilizes specific tax codes to immediately impact your financial bottom line at no cost to you, the Employer. It also benefits your employees without affecting their take home pay. Let us show you how the utilization of this plan can benefit you and your employees.


Are you aware that you can legally and significantly reduce your business PAYROLL TAXES and give your employees a spending credit for benefits?

So are you ready to start savings money while adding huge benefits for your employees?

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